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Annunaki by funaaba Annunaki by funaaba
A depiction of an annunaki in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

The Mesopotamians believed in many gods, though there were eight key gods:

:bulletblue:Enki, god of water, intelligence and creation;
:bulletblue:Ki/Ninhursag, goddess of earth;
:bulletblue:Enlil, god of air and breath;
:bulletblue:An/Anu, god of the heavens, spirits and demons;
:bulletblue:Inanna, goddess of sex, fertility, and warfare;
:bulletblue:Nanna, god of the moon;
:bulletblue:Ninurta, god of war, agriculture, and wind; and
:bulletblue:Utu, god of the sun.

If you can't tell already, many of these gods and goddesses evolved into the better known Egyptian gods. :)

The annunaki ("children of An/Anu") was a congregation of 50+ smaller gods and goddesses that represented both good and evil. According to the Mesopotamian religions, they came to earth and created the human race to be slaves for them, but when the population became too large and the humans too many to control, they left and returned to their home planet. This has spawned a modern-day conspiracy theory which claims that humans were a failed genetic experiment performed by aliens.
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robotichivemind Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
This isn't one of the Annuna. It's an Apkallu, one of seven demigods created by Enki to serve as priests and distributors of Me (the codes of conduct and technology that let civilization function). The apkallu are also depicted as half fish or wearing fish skins.
The gods of the Mesopotamian people (specifically the Sumerian and Assyrian cultures) were typically just depicted as people. Also, you've forgotten important deities like Shamash, Sin, Ereshkigal, Nergal, Anu, and Marduk. You also put Ki and Ninhursag (aka Nintu) together, but they're separate goddesses (Ki is married to Anu, and Nintu is married to Enki).
GILVERWrites Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013   Writer
Hey I'm currently working a on project and the Annunaki are going to depicted in it and I was wondering in your opinion how should they be depicted in terms of physical appearance, to give you an idea my project is related to science fiction so I just wanna get some feedback 
funaaba Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I'm no expert on Mesopotamian culture or anything, so you'll probably have to do a lot more research, but from what I understand the Annunaki had multiple forms depending on multiple factors, such as how powerful/common they were and what rank they possessed. The majority of them are portrayed as humanoid, though.

The most common portrayal I've seen depicted them as human men and women, with the addition of giant bird wings or reptilian features. According to this page (…, these humanoid types had oblong heads, great intelligence/magical powers and unusually long lives. Maybe this belief has influenced our current interpretation of what "stereotypical" aliens might look like, if you combine the conspiracy theory with the evolution of human religion and culture? 

The second most common depiction of Annunaki I've seen showed them as still humanoid, but possessing more prominent animal features, like the one seen here with the head of a bird of prey. Birds and reptiles are the most common animalistic features, but I've also heard of gods that possessed features similar to lions and bulls, though these are most common in Annunaki that appear Sphynx-like, with animal bodies and human head. Others only appeared in the form of an actual animal of their choice, though I think this was more common among more prominent gods, because they were usually associated with certain animals.

They may not even have an official form at all, and the ones described above were just forms that they manifested themselves into while in the presence of humans. Who knows?

All in all, it really depends on who you ask, and I'm sure the time period has an influence on how they're portrayed, too. The Mesopotamian kingdom lasted hundreds of years, and the kingdom's culture and languages and religion evolved A LOT in that time, and were also influenced by other kingdoms and religions (like Christianity) emerging and becoming intertwined with theirs.

Good luck on your project and thanks for the :+fav:! I hope I was able to help some.
GILVERWrites Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013   Writer
This was very helpful thank you and I had now idea that the Anunnaki were also portrayed as humans and other animal like beings, the only retention of them I'v been able to find of them is the tablet of them being portrayed as human/reptilian/avian like features and as humanoids with oblong heads. 

The design I'm going for the Annunaki is that I want them to appear reptilian like but still recesses a somewhat "Avian" appearance like maybe talons, feathers or maybe beaks ya know something slightly similar to the Argonians from the Elder Scrolls except less reptilian and more like what I described

btw I was thinking maybe tails, any thoughts on that? I mean I thought it looked cool if they had tails
funaaba Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Well, if it's your own interpretation, then if you want tails, then go ahead and give them tails if it makes sense for your setting! Unless your target audience is made up of archaeologists and/or people who specialized in studying Mesopotamian culture, then I don't think anything is stopping you from taking a few artistic liberties of your own, unless you're using those liberties to warp them into something they don't stand for.

The only thing you probably need to worry about is if it makes sense for your story and the setting.
GILVERWrites Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013   Writer
well the Annunaki in my series were inspired by the whole "Reptilian Shape-Shifter Conspiracy Theory". In my project the Annunaki are these reptilian like aliens who belong to an interstellar empire but no one knows that the empire even exist and since the Annunaki themselves are just as well hidden and kept invisible, not a single soul save a for a few are even aware that they are the thralls of the Anunnakian Empire (that's what I call it :))

I thought the whole concept of using Reptilian aliens would be cool since in almost every culture of the word Reptilian deities are featured, there's some cool examples too; In Japan ancient emperors claim to be descents of Dragon(reptilian) gods who came from the sky, Australian Aborigines teach that a race of Reptilian's govern over men, in India reptilian gods seated their royal families into power, throughout the Middle East it is believed a serpent race created humanity and here in North America the Hopi Native Americans believe that "sky gods" came from the "heavens" and to breed with their woman and refer to them as their snake brothers

sorry for ranting on and on about that, just thought you might think that would be cool :)

btw my project is science fiction so it's meant to target people who are into space travel, aliens, adventure and introduce something I personally find cool called "Nano-Punk", it's the same as steam punk but instead of steam powered machines, nano punk by name involves the use of nanotechnology and that can be pretty cool when explored and used in fiction

and one more thing what did you mean when you said "unless you're using those liberties to warp them into something they don't stand for" just curious
funaaba Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow! That was very interesting. Good luck with your project, it sounds really cool!

When I said that, I just meant that sometimes people will write about things they're not completely familiar with and it can end up hurting their story or the audience. There are authors who might not understand that [this thing] that [this character/person/people] does has a very specific meaning behind it, but for whatever reason they misinterpret it and/or decide that this thing happened for a totally different reason. So if they then do their own take on it, the character is then actually out of character, and it doesn't make sense.

So, for example, say you had the protagonist of a long-standing series of stories whose major flaw is that they have a drinking problem. Their alcoholism makes up a large part of their character development, and they constantly struggle with it in most of their story arcs. At one point in one story, maybe when the protagonist is finally starting to reach a turning point, they end up having a major breakdown and drink themselves into a stupor.
Now say that a different author is doing their own take on these stories, except in their version, the hero had this breakdown because...I dunno...someone hurt their feelings and the hero is now really upset with this person and drinking to forget about it. But in actuality, the hero's breakdown is a result of them being upset at themselves and the drinking is self-punishment. Those are two totally different things! But the second author writes the former anyway because it's convenient for their own plot. But because the misinterpretation then influences the character in a completely different way, it ends up hurting the character and their development, because they're no longer truly "in character".

Artistic liberties aren't always a bad thing, of course. But when you make too many changes, you end up having something that wasn't what you started with.

Does that make any sense at all??? I'm not the best at explaining things. Obviously I'm not saying that's what you're doing, it was a general comment. :)
GILVERWrites Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013   Writer
well the main character of my project is sort of a "Reluctant Hero" but not really because before that he was "Would Be Hero" 

basically he had the potential and the opportunity to do something much greater than himself but in the end he chose to reject that opportunity and seek a more natural life and rather than wondering about what could have been he instead feels that he should live how he chooses to live rather than be ruled or controlled by some sense of morality cause over time he came to care for that idea less and less, basically he got selfish yet at the same time he was staying honest to himself rather than letting people guide him down a path he never wanted in the fist place, he merely went along with the flow of things, seems like a good description I guess

as for his flaws well the latter pretty much explains that he's kinda of selfish and uncaring in terms of using his "gifts" and he also has a drug attention to a drug very similar to the kind the main character in the movie Looper uses, it's basically a sensory stimulant  that comes in the form of what looks like an Thermometer and when it reaches a certain level like 30 or more accurately 35, he let's the liquid inside of it drip into his eyes and when that happens his eyes dilate for a few seconds than his usual dark grey eye color turns light grey

his flaws are basically that he has responsibility now but he still goes about acting like his life is without problems even though he goes along with the mission he's be charged with so to speak

I'm still debating why he chose to use the drug (still looking for a name for it) in the first place but over time he begins to realize that he might actually be more addicted to this drug than he first thought cause during a breakdown I have planned out he begins to go through some pretty viscous withdrawals that incapacitate him for a while and basically force him to think about a few things like how he lives his life. btw the main characters name is David Heinlein ( Just like how the name "Isaac Clarke" from the Dead Space series pays homage to Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, the name David Heinlein pays homage to David Icke "the writer who started the reptilian shapeshifter conspiracy theory and Robert A. Heinlein, the dean of science fiction writers who wrote the military science fiction novel Star ship Troopers) hope that seems cool :)

hope that sounds good for a main character detail and btw I gotta tell the hardest thing for me in terms of writing is coming up with a goo series name and an ending  
lionback Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
sorry NIBIRU....
lionback Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
I pray to Enki every day... there planet is Nebiru and yes as one comment says they will return, evey 3600.00 years or so Nibiru orbits are sun. Enki was/or still is the leader of the group of gods that came to earth to mine gold and created the human race, the Ademu to help them in this task, then the Annunaki educated humanity or what they called earthlings and thus civilisation was born in Samaria ...
funaaba Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Really? That's very interesting! Thanks for the info and the :+fav:! :)
lionback Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
dont take my word for it, its written in the Samarian text, if you google Loyde Pye or look for him on youtube you can watch his lecture on human origins. It very interesting stuff and the Annunaki and all the sfuff about Nibiru is at the end of the lecture. please check it out if you have not yet done so... :-)
vampirealienlover Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012
One day they´ll come back.....muahahahaaaa
Caessaes Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
Sumerian myths are great, the absurd theories of ancient astronauts only are pseudoscience.
funaaba Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I agree; I love how many of them bear resemblance to the scriptures of today's more prominent religions, like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. :)
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